2022-2023 year


The Management board

Alexandra <br />Pereyre <br />De Nonancourt Alexandra
De Nonancourt
Stéphanie <br />Meneux <br />De Nonancourt Stéphanie
De Nonancourt
Stéphane <br />Dalyac Stéphane

In a growing market, the Laurent-Perrier Group records a further increase in its results.

The financial year 2022-2023 marks a further increase in the Laurent-Perrier Group's results. This performance is supported by a favourable global economic situation and by the efforts the Group has been making for several years on its value policy. The Group has continued to make significant long-term investments, by continuing to rely on its brands and the quality of its wines.

Throughout the year, sales of the Laurent-Perrier brand continued to grow both in volume and in value. As for the Group turnover (champagne sales) for the year, it came to €301.8 million. The Group's operating margin was 28.1% at current exchange rates. The Group share of net profit also rose significantly. It stands at €58.4 million at current exchange rates and thus represents 19.4% of the Group's consolidated turnover. Operating cash flow was a strong €57.8 million for the year. This performance is linked to the growth of the business and to the control of working capital requirements. The consolidated balance sheet for the year ended 31 March 2023 once again demonstrates the strength of the Group's financial structure. Shareholders' equity, Group share, stood at €544.7 million, while net debt was at a historically low level of €179.9 million, including cash flow of €105.7 million.

Despite an uncertain geopolitical and economic context, the Laurent-Perrier Group continues to pursue its 2021-2025 business plan with vigilance and confidence, and remains on course with its value strategy, which is based on 4 pillars:
- A unique business: production and sale of top-of-the-range Champagne wines
- Quality sourcing based on partnership policy
- A portfolio of strong, complementary brands
- Well-managed worldwide distribution.

Stéphane DALYAC
Chairman of the Board

The supervisory board

The Laurent‑Perrier Group, under the authority of the Chairman of the Management Board, Mr. Stéphane Dalyac, has recorded strong growth in a favourable market context.

This performance is supported by the global economic situation and by the efforts made by the Group over the past several years on its value policy. This strategy has enabled the Group to win market share in key countries where high-end cuvées are best valued. As a result, the Laurent-Perrier Group has reached an alltime high level in terms of turnover and operating profit.

Faced with the uncertainties of this economic and geopolitical context, the 2023-2024 financial year should be approached with caution. The Laurent-Perrier Group will continue to invest in the quality of its wines, its people and the support of its brands around the world.
The Supervisory Board is convinced that the Laurent-Perrier Group has the best assets to succeed and continue its growth.

Patrick THOMAS
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

<strong>Patrick THOMAS</strong> <br />Chairman.
Patrick THOMAS
<strong>Marie CHEVAL</strong> <br />Vice-Chairman.
<strong>Yann DUCHESNE</strong> <br />Chairman of the Audit and Financial Communication Committee.
Chairman of the Audit and Financial Communication Committee.
<strong>Jocelyne VASSOILLE</strong>.
<strong>Jean-Louis PEREYRE</strong>.
Jean-Louis PEREYRE.
<strong>Claude de NONANCOURT</strong>.
<strong>Eric MENEUX</strong>.
<strong>Philippe-Loïc JACOB</strong> <br />Chairman of the CSR Committee.
Philippe-Loïc JACOB
Chairman of the CSR Committee.

Financial ratios

Cash Flow
from operations


Operating account

*Funds from operations minus net investment.

Balance sheet summary

*Including contingencies and loss provision and deferred tax.
**Net debt = financial debts - cash assets

Stock Market

Ever since it was listed on the stock exchange, Laurent-Perrier has maintened close relations with its shareholders via:

A financial website at

Two newsletters mailed, each year to all shareholders

A team available Tel: +33 (0)3 26 58 91 22.

Stock market data at 31st of March, 2023

  • Nominal share price: € 3.80
  • Shares in circulation: 5,945,861
  • Share price as of 31st of march 2023: € 119
  • Market capitalization € 707,557,459
  • ISIN code: FR0006864484
  • Dividend: € 2.00 (last dividend paid in July 2022)

Capital structure

  • Family: 65.12%
  • Treasury shares: 0.47%
  • Employees: 0.33%
  • Registered institutionals: 0.63%
  • Others 33.45%

To consult the 2022 - 2023 Reference document,
go to finance-groupelp.fr

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